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Volunteer Needed for GGF Garden Items at SF Ferry Plaza Stand

A volunteer is needed to help at the Green Gulch produce stand at the Ferry Plaza Farmers’ Market in San Francisco. Responsibility would be primarily for selling the flower bouquets, herbs, and fruit, from approximately 7 – 11 am every Saturday. Full commitment through September is preferred, but all are encouraged to inquire. Reply to Lauren Bouyea at

Published by Shambhala (2014)

Writing from the Senses, at Green Gulch Farm

Join author Laura Deutsch and Zen teacher Reirin Gumbel on August 2 for a workshop where fresh writing can grow out of the inspiring natural and contemplative setting. Using Green Gulch as a canvas, delightful and unusual sensory prompts will help writers tap into their best material, enriching memory and story with imagery and detail. Sessions will take place in the garden and zendo in addition to the Wheelwright Center. Read more


Stewardship and Irrigation Practices at Green Gulch Farm

In response to a sangha member’s query on irrigation practices at Green Gulch Farm, Farm Manager Qayyum Johnson shared these reflections on the complex set of issues that must be carefully considered as Zen Center continues to operate a farm during this time of drought. Read more


One Farm Season—in Season Now

Planting season is in full swing at the farm and is documented on the blog Record of the Event Called One Farm Season, with reflective posts by the farmers themselves, including Farm Manager Qayyum Johnson. Read more

Fuchsia blossoms in the City Center courtyard

Featured Photo, June 11

Photo by Chris Shelton Read more


Hope Cottage Available for Personal Retreat Above Green Gulch Farm

The Cloud Hall renovation is well under way (see the progress), the new roof of the Lindisfarne Guest House is almost complete, and we are excited to reopen for weekend guests at Green Gulch Farm!  While reservations in the guest house are limited to weekends only and can be booked up to six weeks in advance, Hope Cottage is available seven days a week and can be booked up to a year in advance.  Come enjoy the beautiful views of Green Gulch Valley and the Pacific Ocean from your own private cottage.  Please call the Green Gulch Farm front office to reserve your personal retreat: 415.383.3134. Read more


Working Bicycles Needed at Green Gulch Farm—and More

A list of current needs for donated items on the farm at Green Gulch, by Farm Manager Qayyum Johnson Read more


New Blog for Updates on Green Gulch Projects

Stay connected and keep up with progress at Green Gulch Farm during its “season of renovation and restoration,” with this blog on the two major projects for 2014: the renovation of Cloud Hall and the restoration of Green Gulch Creek. Read news, view photos, and sign up for automatic updates. (Click image below.) Read more


Green Gulch Farm Named “Food Donor of the Week” by

Last week, the organization honored Zen Center by naming Green Gulch Farm “Food Donor of the Week.” The nonprofit collects extra fresh food from other organizations that would otherwise go to waste, to help people in need. Their mission is “to help end hunger and reduce food waste in Marin County.” Read more


Spring! And So the Work Begins, with Words from Myogen on Work Practice

Usually people do work with some complicated idea in their mind that is something extra. And so, in this simple practice we look at—okay, how can you let go of anything extra, and just put yourself wholeheartedly into the work at hand?

Inspiring Words on Work from a 2013 Interview with Myogen Steve Stücky, produced by Judith Keenan Read more