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The Ten Oxherding Pictures: An Interview with Kyoshin Wendy Lewis

By Cat Li Stevenson

Kyoshin Wendy Lewis has been practicing at San Francisco Zen Center since 1987, including living for six years at Tassajara. She was ordained by Sojun Mel Weitsman in 1997, and completed Dharma Transmission with Eijun Linda Cutts in December of 2012. She will be teaching an online class this Fall on The Ten Oxherding Pictures 10/08-11/19.

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HeartMind: An Interview with Artist Suiko Betsy McCall

By Cat Li Stevenson

Suiko Betsy McCall

Sangha News interviewed artist, founder, and Abbess of the Art Monastery, Suiko Betsy McCall. Suiko and Green Gulch Farm Abiding Abbess Fu Schroeder will be co-leading the online HeartMind: Art & Zen Workshop on August 28 – 30.

SN: Could you share a bit about your connection to SFZC?

I was a farm apprentice at Green Gulch Farm in 2014. When it was over, it was a big decision whether to stay on as a resident or go back to my life in Oakland. I ended up back in Oakland for a while and then came back to GGF for the January Intensive and eventually did a practice period. I started a romantic relationship with Qayyum Johnson, who was the Farm Manager, and lived with him there for a few years, splitting my time between GGF and Art Monastery. Read more


Saturday Sangha Study Group is Online

The Saturday Sangha has been an important and vital part of City Center’s practice life for the past twenty years. Before the Covid-19 pandemic closed the temple to visitors, each week non-residential practitioners came together on Saturday mornings to provide a variety of services: greeting newcomers, helping in the kitchen, and supporting in the zendo for zazen and the Buddha hall for lecture by sounding the liturgical instruments that signal the times and chants. They met during lunch, ate together, and engaged in study and discussion led by a senior priest.

The original inspiration for the group came from Teah Strozer who was Tanto (head of practice) of City Center at the time. When asked about her reasons for starting it, she said “I wanted to find a teaching venue for myself as head of practice and to support lay practice (non-residential in this case) more consciously and specifically.” Read more


Meditation in Recovery Turns 20

On the last Monday of June in 2000, Meditation in Recovery met for the first time in the City Center Buddha Hall. At the time it was an experiment to see if enough people would be interested in exploring the similarities between Buddhist teaching and practice and recovery from substance and behavioral addiction to make it a viable program. Twenty years later it remains a lively and important offering, which has introduced thousands of people to Buddhism and to San Francisco Zen Center. Some of these participants have gone on to receive the precepts as laypersons or as priests. Some have become residents and staff. Some have gone on to lead similar groups. Read more


A Livestream Call with Abbot Ed

Have you donated to our Emergency Fund or are thinking about it but have questions about SFZC’s financial picture?

Many people have asked for more information on how finances work at SFZC and how their donations will help. Central Abott Ed Sattizahn will address SFZC financial questions on a live video call on Monday May 18, 7 – 7:30 pm PT.


Outreach Book Sale – Donation Guidelines and May 2019 Sale Dates

Friday, May 10, through Saturday, May 18. In the main hallway at City Center/Beginner’s Mind Temple, 300 Page Street in San Francisco.

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The Still Point by Mary Mocine

The title of my retreat at Tassajara is “Finding Stillness Amid the Storm of Legal Practice.” This notion of stillness is central to a useful law practice, I believe. It is not a static or sort of dead stillness. It is instead alert and willing and ready, yet balanced and grounded. Implicit here is a great freedom that arises from nonattachment. Read more


Book Event with Michelle Gale and Meg Levie: Mindful Parenting in a Messy World

Interview and Book Reading with Michelle Gale and Meg Levie
in the City Center dining room, 300 Page Street, SF
Friday, March 30, 7:30 – 9 pm

UPDATE: This event will be Livestreamed

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Self-Care and Self-Compassion in Caregiving

With Jennifer Block
In the Conference Center at 308 Page Street, next door to City Center.
Saturday, November 12, 9 am – 5 pm
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Volunteers Needed for Grace Cathedral Event

Sickness, Old Age, and Death — A Conversation features Lucy Kalanithi (When Breath Becomes Air), Grace Dammann (States of Grace), and Lennon Flowers (The Dinner Party). The evening’s discussion will be held at Grace Cathedral on Wednesday, November 2, from 7 — 9 pm, and we need your support as a volunteer.
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