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The Still Point by Mary Mocine

The title of my retreat at Tassajara is “Finding Stillness Amid the Storm of Legal Practice.” This notion of stillness is central to a useful law practice, I believe. It is not a static or sort of dead stillness. It is instead alert and willing and ready, yet balanced and grounded. Implicit here is a great freedom that arises from nonattachment. Read more


Book Event with Michelle Gale and Meg Levie: Mindful Parenting in a Messy World

Interview and Book Reading with Michelle Gale and Meg Levie
in the City Center dining room, 300 Page Street, SF
Friday, March 30, 7:30 – 9 pm

UPDATE: This event will be Livestreamed

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Self-Care and Self-Compassion in Caregiving

With Jennifer Block
In the Conference Center at 308 Page Street, next door to City Center.
Saturday, November 12, 9 am – 5 pm
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Volunteers Needed for Grace Cathedral Event

Sickness, Old Age, and Death – A Conversation features Lucy Kalanithi (When Breath Becomes Air), Grace Dammann (States of Grace), and Lennon Flowers (The Dinner Party). The evening’s discussion will be held at Grace Cathedral on Wednesday, November 2, from 7 – 9 pm, and we need your support as a volunteer.
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When Children Are Present

Young people call on us to be our best selves, teaching us to slow down and see the beauty in simple things, writes Meikyo Chelsea True, coordinator of the newly re-envisioned Children’s Program at Green Gulch Farm, now renamed the Youth & Family Program.  Read more


Soberanes Fire Updates: August 14

Retreats and guest visits are cancelled until August 22.

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Beyond Clickbait and Backbiting

Former journalist and self-confessed internet addict Djinn Gallagher explains how she’s wrestling with the dualism of the digital world.

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The Way of Tea at City Center

SenseiMeiya Wender has studied the Way of Tea for many years, including a year at the Urasenke Midorikai program in Kyoto, and teaches Tea in Sowing the Moon Teahouse at Green Gulch. We are fortunate that she is also now offering classes in the art of tea at City Center.

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Caregiving as an Enriching Path

The Contemplative Caregiver Course uses the teachings of mindfulness and turning towards whats difficult tocultivate a Zenapproachto aging, sickness, and dying. Here, some of the participants in the course express their deepening understanding of service. Read more


Congratulations to Shusos at City Center and Green Gulch

Shuso ceremonies closed the fall practice periods at both City Center and Green Gulch Farm Zen Center recently, launching the head students (shusos) for each practice period into a new chapter of Zen practice as budding teachers. Congratulations and best wishes to both. Read more