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Tassajara, A Poem by Mahin Mahdavi

A poem by Mahin Mahdavi, A Tassajara Monk

Far away from the endless sky,
nesting among the sycamore trees,
the little bird sits until her wings develop,
dreaming of flying. Read more


The Rhythm of Tassajara’s Seasons

by Linda Galijan, Director

We are now at the midpoint of the winter practice period, poised between winter and spring. Last night was skit night, full of the joy of friends and community, laughter and music. Tonight is the Parinirvana ceremony, a deeply solemn occasion commemorating the death of the Buddha. Read more


Say Yes!

An Update from Linda Galijan, the Tassajara Director

Tanto Greg Fain gave the last dharma talk of the summer guest season on Saturday night, expressing deep appreciation of the remarkable strength of the students’ practice this summer, and gratitude for our guests and friends, who have supported Tassajara in so many ways. He talked about jumping off the 100 foot pole and saying, ‘Yes! to life.’  Then he repeated his teachings in verse at skit night following the gate closing ceremony:  Jam Master Ven Fresh (Greg) and MC Eric B(erman) taking it to the next level—check it out! Read more


A Heart as Big as a World

Carolyn and Curt Coleman’s story of legacy giving.
by Carolyn Coleman

Tassajara-Flag-Rock-by-Hamish-John-ApplebyWhen my husband Curt and I moved to Santa Cruz in 1981, we began going to Tassajara. Over the years, it has remained a touchstone in our lives, marking every summer as a place of respite and rejuvenation. Read more


Awakening Through Service

Service is practice, and practice is service.

A Bodhisattva is one who has taken the vow to become awakened for the sake of all beings–to live and be lived for the benefit of others. In this video excerpt Kai Ji Jeffrey Schneider shares reflections and stories on the Bodhisattva vow and how we express it in our daily lives.

Read more


TassNow: Enjoy Tassajara in August and September as we wrap up the Guest Season!

Late August and early September opportunities abound at Tassajara! Read more


Brother David Steindl-Rast and Ryushin Paul Haller: The Spirit of Practice

Brother David Steindl-Rast and Ryushin Paul Haller returned to Tassajara last week to lead their annual retreat titled The Spirit of Practice: Christian and Zen. During their visit they graciously delivered the Wednesday evening dharma talk for Tassajara guests and residents, filling the retreat hall with laughter and conversation, and filling our hearts with the spirit of practice.

They began the evening with a reading and discussion of Mary Oliver’s poem “Praying,” after which they responded to questions from the audience. In this video we have captured a few of the rich exchanges of dialogue that unfolded that evening.

[iframe src=”″ width=”100%” height=”450″]


In Celebration of Summer Solstice

As is tradition, summer solstice is observed with a ceremony at Tassajara Zen Heart-Mind Temple. Zenshin Greg Fain, Head of Practice, delivered these dharma words this past solstice. Read more


A Summer Dish Worth the Drive: Enchiladas Rojas by Melinda Miller

Summer guest season at Tassajara offers luscious farm-to-table organic vegetarian cuisine that stems from the Zen tradition of attending to our food preparation as mindfully as we attend to our spiritual practice.

This summer, Zagat food guide features one of the recipes we serve in the Tassajara Dining Room in “10 Summer Dishes Worth a Drive in the Bay Area.”  The recipe, Enchiladas Rojas, is offered here by its creator and former Tassajara guest cook, Melinda Miller. Read more


Comings and Goings in the Valley

We are four and a half weeks into our summer guest season, and over 200 guests have travelled here to enjoy the lush spring landscape, the soothing hot mineral baths and the pervasive tranquil atmosphere—including Governor Jerry Brown. Read more