September 22, 2017
These Final Days of Summer

Lauren Dito-Keith, the Director Assistant at Tassajara Zen Mountain Center gave us an account of the final days of summer guest season. Here is what she wrote:

“The end of the 2017 summer guest season is almost here.

“The heat in the day keeps guests, students, and deer alike close to the cool banks of Tassajara Creek. Warm breezes in the evening invite everyone to enjoy a stroll or some bocce.

“We know that out in the world the kids are going back to school and visions of fall dance in our minds.

“The students of Tassajara are beginning to make their own fall plans.

“Many students will stay here for the Fall Practice Period being led by Senior Dharma Teacher Tenshin Reb Anderson.

“First-time summer students are discussing the possibility of practice period at City Center and Green Gulch Farm or perhaps moving on to other adventures around the world.

“But one thing is true for all of us students: we are grateful for the opportunity we have had this summer to get to know each other and get to know ourselves through the practice container we call Tassajara Guest Season.

“We have made many new friends in both students and guests. We have witnessed moments of chaos and moments of pure beauty and everything in between. It is safe to say we are ready for whatever is coming next.

“September 10, we will close the gates and celebrate another summer well done with a special student dinner, skit night, and of course a dance party.