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Speech That Connects Us: Reflections from Tova Green

Jisan Tova Green admits to a special fascination for words and how we use them in our interactions with others. She also recognizes the importance of listening in any conversation we have. Throughout her teaching career at Zen Center, Tova has offered various classes and workshops focusing on wise speech and kind speech, grounded in Buddhist teachings about effective communication. On Sunday, July 20, she will lead Speech That Connects Us: A Day-Long Workshop for Teachers, Parents, Social Workers, Nurses and Others. Read more


Artist Narcissus Quagliata Presents Suzuki Roshi Print and Releases Recorded Presentation

I was intensely interested in the teaching of Suzuki Roshi and the practice of meditation, because I thought that it had a transformative power that was, to me, amazing.  —Narcissus Quagliata

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Photo: Clare Hollander

Sometimes Slowly: Affliction as Vehicle to Alleviate Suffering

A Weekend Residential Retreat at City Center for People in Recovery, August 8 – 10

You should rather be grateful for the weeds you have in your mind, because eventually they will enrich your practice. —Suzuki Roshi, Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind Read more

The artist, with her "Wave Patterns"

July Exhibit Features Modern Mystical Art by Anahid Aslanyan

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Meeting Us Where We Are: A Look at Young Urban Zen

by Amity Bacon, Volunteer Writer
Photos by Shundo David Haye

Every Tuesday night, the Buddha Hall’s tatami mats are covered with Bay Area 20- and 30-somethings who gather as a sangha. Several join the group sporadically throughout the year, some attend monthly if not weekly, and some can’t seem to stay away. Meeting together for an evening of guided meditation and dharma text readings or exercises, they always hold lively discussions that explore the practice of Zen. They’re called Young Urban Zen (YUZ), and this month their weekly gathering enters its third year. Read more

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Saturday Sangha Serves, Studies and Retreats Together

A spotlight on SFZC volunteers, by Dennis McNally

One part class and one part volunteer work group, Saturday Sangha at City Center represents a unique opportunity to find yourself in an intimate community within the larger Zen Center sangha—and new members are warmly welcomed to join. We are among those who ring the bells, serve the tea, and stir the soup, all ways to support the temple on its busiest public day of the week. Once the work is done, we enjoy lunch together and a brief class with the head of practice, Anshin Rosalie Curtis. Read more

Fuchsia blossoms in the City Center courtyard

Featured Photo, June 11

Photo by Chris Shelton Read more


Volunteer with SFZC to Serve Homeless Breakfast at St. Boniface Church

Zen Center, in concert with the Gubbio Project and other local congregations, will be offering breakfast to homeless men and women this summer. The dates for our service are the following Wednesdays: June 18, July 2 and August 6. Read more


Zen Ritual: A Practitioner’s Perspective on the Expressions of Forms

by Konin Cardenas

The class I’m offering on Zen ritual will look at the ways in which each one of us can connect at a profound, personal level with the ceremonies and activities of Zen. It means looking at formal practice from the place of our personal dharma position. That is, the class is about the ways in which ritual relates to us—individually, in community, and from the standpoint of the absolute. We’ll look at a number of ceremonies over the course of five classes, and talk about these layers of experience and how they deeply inform our practice. Read more


Freedom with Our Inner Critics: A Reflection by Dr. Lee Lipp

lee_lippThis morning I noticed that impatience, accompanied by inner critic thoughts, must have entered my house while I was sleeping last night. Not being awake to these visiting thoughts, I found myself entangled and fighting with them this morning as if thoughts had substance and were real. It was hard to remember that these were simply thoughts, not TRUTH. Read more