July 14, 2017
August Art Show: Izabel Raa

Oil Paintings for Meditation, Healing, Inspiration, and Transformation

In the City Center Art Lounge, August 1 –  31
Opening reception: Friday, August 4, 7:30- 9 pm

Shoreless Ocean of Consciousness

My Mission

“Through my paintings, I wish to help others have an essential spiritual awakening and find integrity and inner harmony, to hear the heart at much deeper levels, and recall the Song of the Soul. I would like to help individuals to establish the connection between oneself and the soul of our planet, Gaia, and with the plant and animal kingdoms, as well as outer space and stellar systems. With my art, I would like to provide the environment and settings for work with certain states of mind and energies, worlds and creatures, to help transform negative patterns, find inner balance and confidence in oneself, and to develop greater intuition and human consciousness. My aim: to awaken; inspire; harmonize; and fill hearts with joy and a sense of beauty and the sublime.

Galactic Journey

Direct Path

“With my artwork, I wish to help others not only to find a pretty painting for decoration, but, first and foremost, to help tune in to the vibrations of peace, joy, love, and inspiration; to fill their hearts with warmth and deep satisfaction, to help find one’s Inner Light and reveal the true memory of oneself. The second aim is to give to others a working tool for individual work and meditation.

“Generally, I create a painting with a particular setting, or intention or a mood and attempt to embed the information inside the painting. Therefore, this artwork can be used as a tool for meditation and inner work.”


A Russian-born American artist, Izabel Raa currently resides in California in the San Francisco Bay Area. She travels much around the world and spends a lot of time in India, where she meditates and gets the inspiration for art and life. She likes to paint in different places on the planet Earth during her travels. http://izabelraa.com