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TassNow: Remaining August Availability

In the Mountains on a Summer Day, by Li Bai (trans. Arthur Waley, 1919).

Gently I stir a white feather fan,
With open shirt sitting in a green wood.
I take off my cap and hang it on a jutting stone;
A wind from the pine-trees trickles on my bare head.

Here are some one-night and multi-night stays at the end of August:

Holds for the retreat running 8/30-9/3 will be released on 8/23

Creekside housing:Photo by Margo Moritz
8/21 in Stone 3

8/22 in Pine 1

8/26 in Stone 2

8/28 in Cabin 15

8/29 in Pine 2

Mountain Path housing:
8/29 in 3A

8/30 – 9/3 (four nights) in yurt 1
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TassNow: Looking for a weekend stay in June? It’s coming soon!

Miracles can come in small doses of BIG MAGIC – come get a few sips of the wilderness and see!

There are amazing 3-night stays in the next few days:

Creekside housing:Photo by Margo Moritz
6/21 – Cabin 15

Mountain Path housing:
6/21 – Cabin 3A
6/21 – Yurt 2
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TassNow: June is filling quickly!

Not to sound like a used car salesman, but summer is coming fast!

There are a few amazing one-night stays in the next few days:

Creekside housing:Photo by Margo Moritz
6/7 – Stone 1
6/7 – Cabin 3B
6/8 – Cabin 15
6/10 – Pine 1
6/13 – Stone 1
6/13 – Cabin 3B Read more


TassNow: Last-minute and late-July, oh my!

Got time for a quick trip to Tassajara?

Here are some options for a last-minute visit:

Private housing:Photo by Margo Moritz
Yurt 2, 1 night 7/19
Cabin 19, 1 night 7/19
Cabin 20, 1 night 7/20
Cabin 5, 1 night 7/21
Cabin 14B, 1 night 7/24
Stone 1 & Stone 3, 1 night 7/24
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TassNow: Want to get away for a mid-week stay in July?

Take a break from your daily hustle and bustle, and avoid the weekend crowd — unplug and relax with us during the week.

Private housing:
Yurt 1, Cabin 3A and Cabin 14A, and Cabin 19 are available for 4-nts, beginning July 10th
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TassNow: Early-summer Magic! Availability in June!

Right now there are amazing opportunities for long, multi-night stays — we are amazed! You should be, too!

Private housing:
Stone 3, 9-nts, beginning June 10th
Cabin 20, 3-nts, beginning June 20th Read more


Tassajara: An Update

The Tassajara Guest Season is cancelled due to the smoky conditions in the valley and the ongoing threat of the fire coming to Tassajara.

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Sitting With Fire—Again: Colleen Morton Busch

Colleen Morton Busch, author of Fire Monks: Zen Mind Meets Wildfire about the 2008 fire that threatened Tassajara, has written an op-ed for the Monterey Herald about this summer’s fire threat. You can read it here.

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A Letter from SFZC President Susan O’Connell

As a result of the fire, Tassajara guest season will not reopen this summer. “Fire has been and will continue to be a part of the life of Tassajara,” writes Susan O’Connell. “She is a great teacher of the practice of impermanence.”
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Soberanes Fire Update, August 17

Retreats and guest visits are cancelled until August 22.

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