June 9, 2017
TassNow: Early-summer Magic! Availability in June!

Right now there are amazing opportunities for long, multi-night stays — we are amazed! You should be, too!

Private housing:
Stone 3, 9-nts, beginning June 10th
Cabin 20, 3-nts, beginning June 20th

Photo by Margo MoritzDorm housing:
Women’s Dorm, 1 bed, 3-nts, beginning June 12th
Men’s Dorm, 2 beds, 11-nts, beginning June 12th

Shared housing:
Yurt 1, 1 bed, 3-nts, beginning June 15th (woman-only)
Yurt 3, 1 bed, 7-nts, beginning June 17th (man-only)
Cabin 13, 1 bed, 5-nts, beginning June 18th (woman- only)

These are going to disappear quickly — don’t delay!

For questions or to reserve your room, please contact Tassajara Reservations by phone, 888-743-9362, or email.

NOTE: TassNow room availability updates refer only to last minute / near future availability at Tassajara. These updates don’t necessarily mean that other dates aren’t available. For all inquiries about availability and reservations at Tassajara, please contact Tassajara, as indicated above.

Joshua Sandeman
Arts & Culture, Features, Zen Practice

Medicine and the Dharma

Joshua Sandeman, a former SFZC resident, is a Nurse Practitioner based in Salem, Oregon. “Medicine puts me face-to-face with all manner of human suffering and it can be a challenge to take care of feelings of burnout, detachment, and despair."