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Posts tagged ‘Bodhisattva’


Taking the Bodhisattva Path

Last Saturday, September 17, we celebrated 16 new bodhisattvas taking the precepts and entering Buddha’s way – nine students at City Center, and seven at Green Gulch Farm.  It was a joy to witness such optimistic and enthusiastic practitioners filling the halls and courtyards of our temples. Read more


Welcoming Three New Bodhisattvas

The evening of Friday, September 2, 2016, a group of friends, family and fellow-practitioners gathered in the Buddha Hall at City Center to witness three sincere and beautiful Zen students formally take the Bodhisattva vows and don Buddha’s Robe for the first time. Read more


Jukai Precepts Ceremony for Seven Bodhisattvas

On Saturday, January 9, auspiciously early in the year, seven bodhisattvas received the precepts and donned “Buddha’s Robe”, six of them for the first time and one for the second time.

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Budding Bodhisattvas from October 17 Jukai

On Saturday, October 17, students of City Center Abbot Rinso Ed Sattizahn, Anshin Rosalie Curtis and Jamie Howell (Kogen Seido) were given the bodhisattva precepts in a lay ordination ceremony known as jukai. Congratulations, bodhisattvas! Read more


Jukai: Lay Ordination, September 19

Last Saturday, Keiryu Liên Shutt gave the Buddhist precepts to five of her students in a lay ordination ceremony at City Center. In addition to the significance of the day in the individual life of each student, it was celebratory to have a teacher of color ordain her first group of students here (which last occurred in the mid-seventies). Read more


Awakening Through Service

Service is practice, and practice is service.

A Bodhisattva is one who has taken the vow to become awakened for the sake of all beings–to live and be lived for the benefit of others. In this video excerpt Kai Ji Jeffrey Schneider shares reflections and stories on the Bodhisattva vow and how we express it in our daily lives.

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