January 12, 2016
Jukai Precepts Ceremony for Seven Bodhisattvas

On Saturday, January 9, auspiciously early in the year, seven bodhisattvas received the precepts and donned “Buddha’s Robe”, six of them for the first time and one for the second time.

jukai 600

Front row: Wakoh Shannon Hickey, Lois Imbrogno, Susana Millman, Victoria Austin, Jordan Thorn, Rinso Ed Sattizahn. Back row: XXX, Sandy Lamerson, Dagmar Bernhardt, Thaddeus Cambron. Photo: Clare Hollander

Victoria Austin and Jordan Thorn were the preceptors: Vicki’s students are Wakoh Shannon Hickey (Wakoh is a priest who was ordained many years ago and took part in this ceremony to renew her vows and acknowledge Vicki as her teacher), Lois Imbrogno, Susana Millman, XXX, Sandy Lamerson, and Dagmar Bernhardt, and Jordan’s student is Thaddeus Cambron. Deep bows of appreciation and congratulation to everyone, preceptors and students.


Head of practice Kanzan David Zimmerman leads the ordinands into the Buddha Hall as Jana Drakka, lower right, watches carefully. Photo: Clare Hollander


Sandy Lamerson and XXX recite the Robe Chant with their new rakusus. Photo: Clare Hollander


Teacher Victoria Austin, right, with her student Susana Millman. Photo: Clare Hollander


Proud preceptor Jordan Thorn, right, with his student Thaddeus Cambron. Photo: Clare Hollander