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Mining Maturity: An Interview with Jeffrey Schneider on Older Men and Sailing to Byzantium

F.-Brody---SFZC-CC-030_crop_x100Looking back over many years of life, what do we glean from reviewing the many joys and losses encountered, and how does this maturity relate to practice? One of the best ways to assimilate the answers to these questions may be in group reflection, sharing stories of lessons learned, as proposed by Jeffrey Schneider, who has been practicing at San Francisco Zen Center since 1978. Read more


Abbot Steve Stücky Diagnosed with Terminal Cancer

Letter from President Susan O’Connell

Dear Friends:

Ten days ago our beloved Central Abbot, Myogen Steve Stücky, received a medical diagnosis of stage-four pancreatic cancer.  He shared this news with his family and a few Zen Center leaders, and then wrote an inspiring letter, which was sent out to a few more of his close friends and colleagues.  A copy of that letter is below. Read more


Confluence of the Branching Streams: Report from the Meeting of SFZC Affiliate Sanghas

By Branching Streams Liaison Steve Weintraub
Photos by Renshin Bunce

We had a most excellent and impactful meeting of the Branching Streams over the weekend of September 12 to 15. Read more


I Never Met a Dish I Didn’t Enjoy Cooking: Joyful Mind in the Zen Kitchen

An Interview with Melinda Miller conducted by Amity Bacon, SFZC Volunteer Writer

For Melinda Miller, Zen practice and cooking have gone hand in hand since she wandered onto the steps of City Center and met Zen teacher Mark Lancaster. A few years into being a resident at City Center, Melinda became head cook, later to become guest cook at Tassajara.

“I love the relative quiet of a Zen kitchen.  There is a lot going on when we cook, and I really appreciate feeling the space to enjoy each task as it comes up . . . Of course, ‘Zen’ kitchens exist not only at Zen centers, they can be anywhere.” Read more


Featured Image: Paintings “with Music”

Paintings by Yuko Kitaura
Art Exhibit for October 2013
City Center Art Lounge Read more


A Long and Compassionate Walk for the Earth: Zen Priest’s Pilgrimage Nears Completion

I do not know whether it is too late to stop the mad rush toward a hotter climate … but I will continue to walk in the other direction, away from the culture of consumption and immediate gratification, away from the culture of separation and colonization, toward a life of connection with a compassionate Earth.     —Shodo Cedar Spring

Article by Myoki Stewart, SFZC resident
Photos by Compassionate Earth Walk
Read more


Right Leadership: How Effectiveness Meets Compassion in Today’s World

‘Accepting what is as it is and helping it to be its best.’ That too is the essence of leadership…

An Interview with Konin Cardenas and Shosan Victoria Austin
By Sangha News Staff

There was once a great leader who summed up his best practices for achieving the highest imaginable success in eight simple bullet points: Right View, Right Intention, Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness and Right Concentration. Right. But how do these work in a world dominated by competition and the bottom line, when you’ve got something other than monks to work with? We asked two Zen teachers with a variety of leadership experience how these teachings could be effective for leaders and their challenges in today’s world. Read more


Slideshow: Volunteer Appreciation Event on September 6, 2013

Created by Sachico Ohanks, Communications Coordinator, with photographs by Florian Brody, volunteer

The evening of September 6 at City Center was dedicated to honoring over 100 volunteers who support the City Center temple and its many outreach programs. The slideshow below presents information, insightful volunteer statements and several photos from the event. Read more


Ryushin Paul Haller Fills New Position: Urban Temple Dharma Teacher

This fall, Ryushin Paul Haller, former abbot and now senior dharma teacher, takes up a specially defined set of responsibilities at City Center, collected for the first time under the new title urban temple dharma teacher. Read more