October 23, 2013
October 23 Update: Stable

Abbot Steve is at home and stable, medically speaking. He is continuing with medication for his heart and blot clots and plans to resume chemotherapy after completing the current round of antibiotics for last week’s infection.

Though happy to be home, he’s surprised at how weak he is. His doctor visit yesterday was quite exhausting for him. He rented a hospital bed for his home, which he finds helpful. He has walked around a little but is still mostly in bed.

We will be watching to see how he does with the next round of chemotherapy and report here. However, whenever he is mostly stable, there will naturally be fewer reports. In the meantime, he feels very committed to the Zen Center community and plans to be in contact as much as he can, which for now remains rather limited.

Thanks to all for your various expressions of concern and admiration for Abbot Steve.


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  1. Julie Freiberg

    Dear Steve,
    As i think of you and chant for you these days,the sweet memory that always comes to mind is you and the horses and the plow in the late 70’s…….those were the days when I first came to GGF…. I loved to walk to the fields in the early mornings and that is where I met you and Peter.We are known to each other by a bows and a smile….and that is a fond knowing.
    May you be at peace and in as much comfort as is possible.
    with love, a smile and a bow.

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