October 24, 2013
October 24 Update

Dear Friends,

Abbot Steve had a difficult day yesterday. He was struggling with pain, nausea and no appetite for much of the day. At one point we thought we might have to take him into the emergency room, but a phone call with the Kaiser advice nurse and increased meds led to a restful night.

Today is a different story. Abbot Steve has had little pain and has an appetite. Also, in the afternoon sun he took a walk in the back yard. He listened as a number of greetings from friends were read to him, and he enjoyed time with a couple of visitors. The oncologist has scheduled chemotherapy to begin Thursday, October 31, following completion of the course of antibiotics that has cleared up the cellulitis.

Lane specifically asked me to thank all of the people who have been sending cards and well wishes to them. Thanks also to those friends who have been bringing prepared food to the house. This has been a huge help, especially while many of Abbot Steve’s family were here visiting.

During the last few weeks both Lane and I have read greetings and cards to Abbot Steve which have brought a smile to his face and light to his eyes even on difficult days. Thanks everyone  for your continued expressions of love and support.

Abbot Steve and mary



  1. katharine cook

    Dear Abbot Steve,
    So glad you had a good day and were able to enjoy some good food and companionship. LIke the many whose lives you have touched, I too am praying daily for your recovery, your good health and amazing fortitude.
    You have lent your strength to so many, and now it our turn to lend ours to you. You are in all our thoughts each day. Holding you in my heart,

  2. Choro Carla Antonaccio

    We are chanting for Abbot Steve at Chapel Hill Zen Center and grateful for this source of news. Bowing with gratitude….

  3. John Renwick

    Wow – it seems like the “ups” and “downs” vary widely. About a year back, we were enjoying the first Sesshin of the practice period together. Myozen taking names and I could wait in Kaisando. Sharp bell … Hojo-san, my practice is counting my exhalations from five to zero … Five … … Four … … Three … . … Two …. . …. One …… . Zer oooo . . . .

    Five is body, four is mudra (excuse me), three is eyes, two is tongue, one is concentration, zero is (excuse me) is eyes wide open

    Through back door, elephants roam … through front door, not a mouse (what! – this elephant comes through: where is teacehr?)

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