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Announcement of the Approval of SFZC By-laws Amendments by the Membership

The San Francisco Zen Center Board of Directors wishes to thank the members of San Francisco Zen Center for their participation in the approval of the by-laws amendments adopted by the Board. Eighty-seven percent of the ballots cast voted in favor of the amendments.

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SFZC Needs Candidates for Board Membership

San Francisco Zen Center seeks candidates to serve on its Board of Directors. We are asking everyone in the Sangha to help identify people who could contribute and would be willing to serve. Read more


A Message to Members about Changes to Board Elections and SFZC’s Bylaws

A letter from Central Abbess Eijun Linda Cutts, SFZC President Susan O’Connell, and Board Chair Larry Bye. Read more


Board Chair Statement, July 12, 2016

Dear sangha members, larry-bye2

This is the first of more regular updates from me as the Board Chair to keep the wider sangha up to date on the work of the board and our short- and long-term priorities.

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Waking Up Again and Again, Until You Really Wake Up

Long-time practitioner andSFZC board memberDennis McNallyreckons that, beneaththe surface hilarity, Bill Murray’s brilliantGroundhog Day is quietly teaching us thedharma. Unfortunately,he neglected to ask about itwhen he met the director, Harold Ramis. Read more


Board Election Results 2015

The SFZC Board of Directors wishes to thank the members of Zen Center for their participation in approving the slate of board candidates. Helen Degenhardt, Roger Hillyard, Dennis McNally and Piper Murakami will serve three-year terms beginning in January 2016 and completing at the end of December 2018. Congratulations to new and continuing board members for the 2016-2018 term. Read more


Day in the Life, Part 1

Practice takes many forms. We may meditate at home before a full day of work, we may practice while taking care of our children or aging parents, we may volunteer to help our communities, we may be a resident at a local temple, we may listen to dharma talks during our commute. In the myriad ways intention can be expressed, together we support each other.

We interviewed four sangha members to learn about their experiences with practice in daily life. Below are some reflections from two of these members. Read more


Board Election 2015 and the Return of Paper Ballots

The San Francisco Zen Center Board of Directors presents the following list of nominees for three-year board terms, commencing January 1, 2016: Helen Degenhardt, Roger Hillyard, Dennis McNally and Piper Murakami. Read more


Piper Murakami Nominated to Zen Center Board

The Zen Center Board is composed of 12 elected members, who serve three-year terms, as well as a few appointed members, who serve for one year unless reappointed. At the end of this year, one elected seat is coming open, and at its September 16 meeting, the board nominated Piper Murakami to stand for election to fill that seat. Read more


A Fall Message from the Central Abbess: Recent Events and Progress on SFZC Divestment

Dear Friends,

As we turn toward the fall of the year, enter into the practice periods at all three temples, and face the many brutal and senseless actions of our world that harm innocent beings, we once again take refuge in Buddhadharma to guide us in understanding how to act and serve from wisdom and compassion. Read more