December 16, 2016
Announcement of the Approval of SFZC By-laws Amendments by the Membership

The San Francisco Zen Center Board of Directors wishes to thank the members of San Francisco Zen Center for their participation in the approval of the by-laws amendments adopted by the Board. Eighty-seven percent of the ballots cast voted in favor of the amendments.

Members far and wide participated in the referendum, including a number of ballots that were sent in from overseas. The Board also wishes to express their gratitude for the thoughtful concerns and questions that were raised in response to the amendments as well as for the many expressions of appreciation that were included with the ballots. Members of the Governance Committee responded both publicly and personally, when possible, to the individual concerns that were raised. The new by-laws have now gone into effect. Thanks again to the membership for their participation.

For background and details, see A Message to Members about Changes to Board Elections and SFZC’s Bylaws.