May 19, 2017
San Francisco Zen Center Is Looking for New Board Members

From Joe Rodriguez, Governance Chair, SFZC Board of Directors
San Francisco Zen Center needs candidates to be considered for its Board of Directors. We are asking everyone in the sangha to help identify people who could contribute and would be willing to serve.

In recruiting candidates, our priorities include continuing to make the board more diverse and inclusive (for example in the areas of race, gender, age, occupation, practice experience, and so on); adding members with backgrounds and skills in specialized areas such as finance, governance, community-building, fundraising, and technology; and continuing to emphasize a commitment to our practice and the precepts.

There are two forms of board membership: “general” members, who are chosen from within the community and serve for (up to two) three-year terms, and “œappointed” members, who are generally from outside of the immediate sangha but have some special skills or perspective to contribute (appointed members typically serve for one-year, renewable terms). For more information, see the Board of Directors web page.

We currently have an opening for one “general” member, but several more openings will be coming up in the next year and we would like to create a pool of eligible candidates. There are also openings for “appointed” members, to be filled as appropriate.

If you would like to be considered or to propose someone else as a board member, please send a short letter of intent or recommendation of another (with background information and reasons why you or the person you are recommending would be a good addition to the board) to our Secretary, Jeremy Levie: [not a link]

Thank you for your help in sustaining San Francisco Zen Center and making it a more inclusive place for practice.