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Three Treasures and setting moon by Shundo_x600200

Excerpt from Not Always So by Shunryu Suzuki Roshi

This slide show contains an excerpt from the chapter titled “Enjoy Your Life” in Not Always So by Shunryu Suzuki Roshi. The book is based on Suzuki Roshi’s lectures that were selected and edited by Edward Brown. The photos of Tassajara in this slide show were taken over the last three months of summer guest season by Shundo David Haye.

This summer Sojun Mel Weitsman will be leading a retreat at Tassajara which will focus on the teachings of Suzuki Roshi, Presenting Suzuki Roshi’s Teachings. In addition, Abbot Rinso Ed Sattizahn, also a student of Suzuki Roshi, leads a class this fall at City Center on Suzuki Roshi’s Way of Practice.

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TassNow: July 28-Aug 3, Availability at Tassajara

Here are some options for a last-minute getaway to Tassajara! Single- and double-night stays available in private cabins during the week as well as three- to four-night opportunities in the dorms. Single nights of guest practice are also available.

Tassajara last minute room availability for July 28-August 3:

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Furniture Needed for New Cloud Hall Student Housing

The Green Gulch Farm Cloud Hall Student Housing project is nearing completion and we are very excited that some of our Zen students will soon be residing in this renovated space. Read more


TassNow: July 19-24, Availability at Tassajara

Tassajara has 5 nights available (add the Thriving in Uncertainty retreat!) in shared housing (male) as well as some single nights in various accommodations from July 19-24.

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TassNow: Limited Availability July 11-18

Tassajara is near full capacity this week with very few last minute room availabilities in the men’s and women’s dorm. The Stone Suite is available the night of Monday July 14.

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Buddha on Market Street_x600200

A Glimpse of Pride 2014

Photos by Mei Hung

For the seventh consecutive year, a contingent of residents, sangha members and supporters from San Francisco Zen Center marched in the SF Pride Parade on June 29, with much celebration.  Here are a couple snapshots from the day, showing a major portion of the group on the steps as they left City Center for downtown, and our Buddha gliding contentedly down Market Street ahead of the “floating zendo.” Also, for a second year SFZC won an award for “fabulous theme contingent.” Read more

2014 CLD Advocate Group2FB_x600

Eijun Linda Cutts Advocates for New Green Bills at Interfaith Power & Light’s Lobby Day in Sacramento

On June 25, SFZC Central Abbess Eijun Linda Cutts joined Rev. Canon Sally Bingham of Grace Cathedral, president and founder of California Interfaith Power & Light (CIPL), and more than 30 representatives of several other religious groups from all over California for CIPL’s Lobby Day in Sacramento. CIPL members advocated for legislative bills that would put 1 million zero-emission or near-zero-emission vehicles on the road, including buses and trucks. Besides reducing buildup of greenhouse gases, this initiative also aims to protect the health of one in four Californians who live near freeways and often suffer with asthma or other related health challenges. Read more


An Evening Musical Performance

(photos by David Silva)

This past June, one of the creations to come out of the Meditation, Mindfulness and Songwriting retreat, led by Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Janet Gilmore, Al Staehely and Seido Jamie Howell, was an evening musical performance.

Jimmie Dale Gilmore, award-winning musician and songwriter, and Seido Jamie Howell, lay dharma entrustment Zen priest, grew up on the same block in Lubbock, Texas, and went to school together. Having never lost their connection over the years, Seido Jamie came up with the idea to have a songwriting retreat at Tassajara, and to stage the evening’s performance.

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One Who Stayed: An Interview with Sojun Mel Weitsman

Mel_Weitsman_2by Sachico Ohanks, SFZC Program Communications Coordinator

Listening to Sojun Mel Weitsman recall his experience as Suzuki Roshi’s student is the closest I will ever get to meeting Suzuki Roshi himself. And, perhaps had I met him in person, I might have been one of the ones who wandered off after morning zazen and didn’t return, too agitated to stay put, too eager to pour my bustling energy into worldly pursuits. But Mel, he was one of the ones who returned again and again to morning zazen with this unknown teacher of a strange practice. He returned until his ankles stopped hurting in zazen and his thoughts emptied out and he knew that his constant search for a spiritual practice was over.

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Artist Narcissus Quagliata Presents Suzuki Roshi Print and Releases Recorded Presentation

I was intensely interested in the teaching of Suzuki Roshi and the practice of meditation, because I thought that it had a transformative power that was, to me, amazing.  —Narcissus Quagliata

Photos by Chris Shelton Read more