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Cloud Hall Renovation Project—Public Information Session, March 9

As part Zen Center’s Widening the Circle Capital Campaign, Green Gulch Farm is undertaking a major renovation of Cloud Hall, the largest and most centrally located residential structure at Green Gulch. Adjacent to the Zendo, Cloud Hall houses up to 35 residential Zen practitioners, some of whom stay for a number of days or weeks, and some who are in residence for many years. Read more


Suzuki Roshi Gets a New Seat Too, at City Center

At City Center, Suzuki Roshi holds a central post in the daily life of the temple—in many ways, but the most tangible way may be through his wooden likeness looking out from the Kaisando, or Founder’s Hall, in the center of the building, on the second floor. His presence is acknowledged daily, or numerous times daily, as residents and visitors routinely pass by (first stopping to bow). For many years, the statue has rested in seated position on what was intended only as a temporary altar support, covered in heavily embroidered cloth. Read more


2nd Annual Spring Sit-A-Thon Set for April 13

Save the Date !

Read more

By Zenju (calligraphy is my name Dharma Ekai Zenju)

Zenju Earthlyn Manuel Opening Still Breathing Meditation Center in Oakland

Grand Opening – March 16, 2014, 3 pm- 5 pm
A notice from Zenju, a recent former shuso (head student) at City Center in 2012, and teacher at the East Bay Meditation Center:

The Still Breathing Meditation Center grew from a simple desire to share a space that I had seen along my travels in Oakland. Read more


Work and Stay: Volunteer for a Special Spring Work Period at Green Gulch Farm

Please consider joining us for a week or more between April 12 and May 3 for this special Work Period to make necessary improvements to structures and tend to the surrounding land. Read more


Saying Farewell: A Record of the Funeral for Myogen

The funeral ceremony for Myogen Steve Stücky was held at Green Gulch Farm Zen Center on Sunday, February 9, at 3 pm. The two-hour ceremony was live streamed on the web and projected on screens for the overflow seating in Cloud Hall at Green Gulch and in the dining room at City Center—all while a steady downpour refreshed the land amid one of the most severe regional droughts on record. A reception afterward filled both the Green Gulch dining room and the Wheelwright Center. A posting on the Subtle Eye blog offers some records from the day honoring the memory of Myogen: Read more


The Road to Zen by Janet Maguire

So many tempting places I want to stop and explore. Why not turn into the charming small town of Carmel and wander through boutiques, art galleries, ice cream shops, or walk on the beach? Or stop at the Carmel Mission. Or drive along the seventeen mile coast highway, past Pebble Beach Golf Course. Let’s stop at a winery, set among terraced vineyards. There’s so much beauty in the fields, fences and lacy trees. The cows and horses slowly wade through knee deep grass. But we are on a mission.

We turn right off the Carmel Valley Highway onto Tassajara Road. My excitement increases, because this way will take us to the Zen Buddhist Center. The ranch homes and wineries give way to trailers and cabins. We come to a fork in the road with mileage signs but no indication where they lead. We take the left, fourteen mile road. A sign does inform us that the road is impassible in the rainy season. Read more


Results of Outreach Book Sale

Books_vert_x200The recent book sale at City Center brought in $1690.26.
(Thanks for the penny!)

The funds received will be used to buy Buddhist books for prisons and for our homeless outreach activities.  Many thanks to those of you who donated books, bought books and offered your help in other ways.


SFZC Seeks Manager of Major Gifts

Employee Job Description

Title of Position:         Manager of Major Gifts
Department:               Development
Reports to:                 VP of Development
Salary:                       Competitive
Work Status:              Full-time, Exempt Read more


Eijun Linda Cutts Welcomed as Central Abbess

Photos by Shundo David Haye

A brief ceremony this morning at City Center officially installed Eijun Linda Cutts as central abbess of San Francisco Zen Center’s three temples. Read more