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Green Gulch Farm Named “Food Donor of the Week” by

Last week, the organization honored Zen Center by naming Green Gulch Farm “Food Donor of the Week.” The nonprofit collects extra fresh food from other organizations that would otherwise go to waste, to help people in need. Their mission is “to help end hunger and reduce food waste in Marin County.” Read more


Congratulations to Green Gulch Shuso Shokuchi Carrigan

The Spring Practice Period at Green Gulch Farm Zen Center, led by Eijun Linda Cutts and Furyu Nancy Schroeder, ended April 8, after a ceremony marking a culmination of training for the head student (shuso), Shokuchi Deirdre Carrigan. Read more


Showing Up for Yoga Class: An Interview with Purusha Hickson

For Purusha Hickson, there is no divide between yoga practice and spiritual practice—once you begin to connect to your body through yogic movement, you naturally begin to unite with the spirit that is alive within that body.  As he says, “When people show up for yoga class it is a real, conscious choice.”

Purusha’s perception of our bodies as amazing tools for our own liberation is reinforcing, even infectious. In his upcoming retreat “Messages from Our Bodies, Messages from Our Life” you will meet Purusha’s warmth, clarity and good humor as he guides us towards listening to our bodies as one with ourselves. Read more


The Head Monk Becomes a Teacher: Shuso Ceremony April 2014

A Story in Photographs by Shundo David Haye

For the fifty or so monks who have been living at Tassajara for this ango, or practice period, the Shuso Ceremony marks the culmination of three months of intense training together. For the dozen or so former shusos who make the drive down from San Francisco or Green Gulch, it is a chance to revisit the beloved monastery, and to see how the practice has been manifesting there.

Read more

City Center: People, Mitsu Suzuki

Mitsu Suzuki: 100 Years (Photographs)

Photos by Fu Schroeder, Barbara Lubanski-Wenger, Mitsue Nagase, Rosalie Curtis and others Read more


A White Tea Bowl: A Book Event Celebrating Mitsu Suzuki Sensei’s 100th Birthday

Great Temple Hall
I ladle sweet tea over Baby Buddha—
simple dharma bliss

Saturday, April 26, 2014
11 am – 12:30 pm
in the City Center dining room (free) Read more


SFZC Board Meeting Abbreviated Minutes (3/19/14)

The Board:

  • approved an amended Deed of Gift sending the Zen Center archives to Bancroft Library at the University of California, Berkeley.
  • created a task force led by Bruce Fortin to consider the abbatial feedback process.
  • approved a resolution granting a further $25,000 to the Green Gulch septic repairs program.

Warm Weather and Warm-Hearted Practice

This winter at Tassajara the weather has been very unusual–glorious, mild and clear, which we have all so deeply enjoyed.  The pool has been in continuous use, and on warm days there are even sunbathers .  Yet the enjoyment was mixed with deep concern about the drought.  The trees never really dropped their leaves, Tassajara Creek was low and murky, and the deer were so hungry that for several months they were living side by side with us in the valley, seemingly undisturbed by our presence.

Then the recent storms brought us lots of very welcome rain.  Read more


Wildflowers and Birds of Tassajara

Diane Renshaw, whose intimacy with Tassajara began in 1978, has known the valley and surrounding wilderness through her practice of Zen and as a professional ecologist. Involved in an ongoing wild plant project at Tassajara, she both nurtures and is nurtured by the land. She also clearly enjoys a vital exchange of ideas and insights with both her retreat participants and her co-leaders of the much anticipated annual retreat, Wildflowers and Birds of Tassajara. Together with Gloria Lee and Judith Randall, Diane offers the retreat again this year on May 8 – 12 (Thursday – Monday). Here is an intriguing taste of what those days may bring. Read more


The Mountain in Review, Doubly Descended and Ascended

Last weekend Zen Center spent two days honoring former and new abbots as they respectively stepped down from and stepped up to the “mountain” of leadership. Read more