Winter Shelter Dinners – Volunteers Needed

Volunteer to help prepare hot meals for the San Francisco Interfaith Council’s Winter Shelter program.

Study Yourself: Awakening the Archive, Tape 4

“When you forget yourself … you take the true activity of the big existence. When we realize this, there is no problem whatsoever in this world.”

Gift Bags for Clara House Donation Request

We are not able to invite the Clara House families to the temple this year, but each family will receive a gift bag including a $50 gift certificate.

Young Urban Zen Members Explore Residence at City Center

As SFZC slowly reopens to the wider public, becoming a guest student is one way to experience Living the Temple Life.

Priest Ordination in a Time of Pandemic 

Priest Ordination in a Time of Pandemic 

On March 21, a clear, cool Sunday morning, two residents of Green Dragon Temple (Green Gulch Farm) were ordained as priests by three preceptors: Abiding Abbess Fu Schroeder, Eijun Linda Cutts, the teacher for Kristin Diggs, and Tenshin Reb Anderson, the teacher for Valerian Hauffe.

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