Myogen Steve Stücky

Photo: Liping Zhu

Photo: Liping Zhu

Steven Stücky / Daitsu Myogen
Great Pervading Subtle Eye
March 6, 1946 – December 31, 2013

San Francisco Zen Center’s first central abbot, Myogen Steve Stücky, died shortly after 4:00 on the morning of December 31 at his home in Rohnert Park, California. He was 67.

Since receiving a diagnosis of stage IV pancreatic cancer in late September, he has been widely admired for courageously sharing publicly his ongoing personal process of living with terminal illness, first in a dharma talk titled “Gratitude,” given two days after receiving his diagnosis, and subsequently with posts on his Subtle Eye blog. His longtime emphasis on body practice—learning from and respecting the body—took on a particular poignancy in the months leading up to his death. As he said in his talk, “Each of us can do something, right up to the last moment.”

Cremation Ceremony

Monday, January 6, 2014, at 10 am
Pleasant Hills Memorial Park and Mortuary
1700 Pleasant Hill Road, Sebastopol, CA 95472

Sojun Mel Weitsman will officiate this small public ceremony.

Funeral Ceremony

Sunday, February 9, 2014, at 3 pm
Green Dragon Temple
1601 Shoreline Highway, Muir Beach, CA

Abbess Eijun Linda Cutts will officiate this public ceremony.


Abbot Steve spoke on Wednesday, October 2, at Green Gulch Farm, shortly after learning of his diagnosis. Follow the link below to our main site to...

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Funeral Arrangements

Funeral Arrangements

A funeral ceremony for Myogen Steve Stücky will be held at 3 pm on Sunday, February 9, 2014, led by Abbess Eijun Linda Cutts at Green Dragon Temple,...

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January 4

Dear Friends, It has been 5 days since Myogen's death and 97 days since his diagnosis. Hardly time for me to have any sort of perspective. I have...

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