January 4, 2014
January 4

Dear Friends,

It has been 5 days since Myogen’s death and 97 days since his diagnosis. Hardly time for me to have any sort of perspective. I have been thinking about him a great deal over the last days and weeks and a couple of things stand out for me.

The first is that he was a human being working with a very difficult but human situation. And woven throughout was the reality of Myogen’s deep and abiding, moment by moment practice habit.

The second is my new understanding of the words “no birth and no death.” I cannot say how anyone else felt who was in proximity to Myogen during his last hours, but as I make my way through those moments I feel that while he was doing what we call “dying” he was also being born. He was being liberated.

The third thought that I need to harness comes from Lane’s statement two days ago: “The only reason I was able to manage these last months was due to the fact that people were supporting me and us by chanting and praying and sending their love and support.” Please know that all of those communal services and private moments of love and support were felt and cherished by Myogen, by Lane and by me. It could not have happened in the way it did without all of you.

My gratitude is deep and abiding.

Thank you,



  1. Jim Hare

    Thank you Dan. I was going to write something for our memorial service at Valley Streams Zen tomorrow night. Now there is no need – we will use your kind and thoughtful words in our service.

  2. John Renwick

    Mary, thanks for your post and for helping take care of Myogen-san. I will keep chanting through the next several weeks for him and will add in his family and caregivers.

  3. Pat Hendricks

    January 5, 2014

    Gratitude has never been so abundant, so eloquent.
    Thank you, Senior Dharma Teacher Steve Stucky.

    On the wing of every bird, may your fly.
    On the beam of the sun every day, may you float.
    On the wave of every pond, river and ocean, may you glide.
    Over the earth’s great lands, may you follow.
    In the fragrance of every rose, may you appear.
    In the gracious branches of every tree, may you be found.
    On every breeze, may you frolic, smiling wildly!
    As every present moment presents itself, may your example
    embody in us the gratitude you have shown us.

    One hundred and eight deep bows.

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