June 25, 2022

Abbot Steve spoke on Wednesday, October 2, at Green Gulch Farm, shortly after learning of his diagnosis. Follow the link below to our main site to listen to the recording, titled Gratitude, as well as a few other selected recordings.

October 2, 2013, Green Gulch Farm: Gratitude

June 9, 2013, Green Gulch Farm: Dharma Companions Take 2

June 1, 2013, City Center: Cultivate Beginner’s Mind

May 17, 2013, Tassajara: Awakening Community

October 25, 2011, Tassajara: Grief Body Practice

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  1. katharine cook

    I am overcome with grief having just heard about Steve’s condition and prognosis. I can think of no one person that has been more of an inspiration, influence and help in my life as a Zen student as Steve.
    I will miss him terribly, as I know hundreds of others will. The loss to Zen Center as an institution and to Western Zen in general is immeasurable. I am so, so very sorry to hear of this.

  2. Blanche

    I am stunned by the ferocity and rapidity with which this illness is assaulting your body and deeply saddened that you are dealing with so much pain. And I am also extremely appreciative and grateful to you for including us so generously and teaching us so compassionately. . I am chanting to Kannon pretty continuously asking her to ease your pain and to comfort all your family and the sangha as well.
    May your pain diminish and may you feel all the love that is being directed to you by all the many people who love you.

    With many bows and boundless love and gratitude,

  3. Marianne Jago-Bassingthwaighte

    Dear Abbott Steve,

    I wrote you a long letter about how sad I was – and have lost it! How very good :-) So I am sending you some wild faery energy instead to make you laugh and give you joy.

    Here is a clip that made me think of you, about a man who saved hundreds of Jewish children in World War Two. I feel a bit like one of those children, and I honour you.


    Bowing, chanting, sending courage and love from Australia

    Kei Ka En Shin

  4. Kathryn Stark

    Steve, I am sending prayers that you may be at ease in body and mind. I am also chanting the Enmei for you internally throughout the day…as I meet each day with my hospice patients, I am continually reminded of the impermanence, and preciousness, of our brief existence and am deeply grateful for this teaching. You are also continuing to teach us all…each life continues to be of purpose and meaning even when coming to a close. Thank you for all you have given and continue to give to us all and to the Dharma. Bowing deeply, Kathryn Stark

  5. Pam Dixon

    Dear Friend,
    We are stunned by your news. Steve, you have radiated peace and grace in your post as Abbott; it has reminded us so much of Suzuki Roshi. You have shared yourself with so many of us… and with such generosity of spirit; we wish our gratitude could ease the pain.
    Deep bows,
    Pam & Mike Dixon

  6. Lise Olson

    Dear Steve – In writing, I honor you and let you know the profound impact you’ve had on our lives. Since birth, my son, Peter, 9, has felt the grace of your presence. You and Lane have been fully present in my life much longer, thankfully. You participated in my wedding ceremony. After Peter was born, you performed his Buddhist baby blessing ceremony. When Peter was asked who he was most eager to invite to “Friends & Family Day” at Oak Knoll Elementary school, he replied, unequivocally, “Uncle Steve”. Once again, you honored Peter with your presence. Thank you for shining your radiance on us. Thank you for singing with us. Thank you for nurturing and sustaining us. We are forever grateful for the lessons learned, the love manifest and the wisdom shared. We love you and Lane, Lise and Peter

  7. Regan Urbanick

    Thank you, Steve , for your speaking and singing and for your example.

  8. Michael Maher

    15 White Birds…
    Migrate Home…
    And I can still hear you singing…
    3 streams that stream no more.
    And your smile reminds me still
    to continue to be still…

    And look forever for soft grey stones.

  9. Wendy Lewis

    Mel’s recent death is reminding me of Steve’s. Loss of possibilities. And gratitude for intimacy and conversations. Particles of Steve still sift through the world of Zen Center.