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A Bow of Gratitude to San Francisco Zen Center Volunteers

For the past several years in September, City Center has hosted a dinner for volunteers whose constant efforts help to keep the temple open and functioning. This year we are unable to offer our thanks in person, but we want to acknowledge their vital contributions to the practice life of San Francisco Zen Center. Truly the volunteers and the residents together are the strong threads that weave the seamless fabric of this practice. Read more


Volunteers Keep Green Gulch Farm at the Farmers Market

Each Friday at 9:30am, former Green Gulch Farm apprentice Vanessa Caldarelli and her team of three (Jess Nelson, Kate Sylvan, and Leia Layus) set up a stand at the Mill Valley Farmers Market. They are there on a volunteer basis so that GGF produce remains available to the public.

GGF farmers would normally run the stand, but due to Covid-19 and the need to limit exposure within the community, Vanessa and her team have volunteered to help run things this year. Read more


Ten Directions

Reaching Out in the Ten Directions: How Sangha Members Are Helping in Their Communities


During this time of shelter-in-place, we are facing huge challenges in the area of public health as well as social and political upheaval. It is easy to feel powerless and confused about how to act effectively in the world; how to help. Those who, before Covid-19, were actively involved in volunteering their time and energy in support of the poor, the imprisoned, and the ill have found most of those face-to-face, warm-hand-to-warm-hand avenues closed. “How can I help?” is a question many of us face. Read more


Nourishing the Ancient Forest: An Interview with Myles Cowherd

Myles Cowherd (Dharma name: Ancient Forest, Wonderous Awakening) is the Director of Donor Relations, a new position at SFZC. In this interview, Myles shares how he came to Zen and how his new position is an opportunity for him to share the teachings of generosity and abundance.

Sangha News: First, let’s talk a bit about you personally. When did you come to San Francisco Zen Center and how?

Myles Cowherd: I became a resident here at City Center in September 2013 to attend Paul Haller’s Practice Period. And before that, I’d done stints at all three of the temples as a guest student though a recommendation from Gil Fronsdal. Read more