June 23, 2015
Thinking of Charleston

With great sadness we hold in our hearts the victims of last week’s violent attack in Charleston and all who are affected by this tragedy. Standing with the Emanuel AME Church as a faith community, we continue to grieve the unnecessary loss of life, particularly within an institution of spiritual refuge and through the wielding of a powerful hatred based on race.

AME_church_buddha_comboWe mourn the loss of innocent people, including great leaders and clergy as well as lay people, and offer our chanting to invoke compassion for the comfort and well-being of their families, their fellow congregants and all those exposed to acts of prejudice, hatred or violence. We extend concern also to those who, under the illusion of separateness, cause great harm to others and themselves.

A short memorial service will be held at City Center this Wednesday, June 24, during the time of evening service in the zendo (about 6:15 pm), which follows afternoon zazen. All are welcome. Please use the Laguna Street door. Previously a memorial service was held at Green Gulch Farm last Saturday, at the conclusion of the one-day sitting.

May all beings be safe. May all beings know peace.

With deep abiding care and compassion,

Eijun Linda Ruth Cutts, Rinso Ed Sattizahn, Furyu Nancy Schroeder
and all at San Francisco Zen Center

* * *

Note: Another memorial service for the Irish exchange students killed last week in a balcony collapse in Berkeley will be held at City Center Friday evening at the same time.

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Photo credits: Buddha by Clare Hollander; the steeple of Emanuel African Methodist Church, Charleston, SC, by Spencer Means through Wikimedia Commons.