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Featured Photo June 26

Photo by Florian Brody

“Listening booth” at Green Gulch Farm. Read more


Zen and Aikido: Making Peace through Martial Arts

An Interview with Ron Wada Sensei
Article by Amity Bacon
Photos Courtesy of Bay Marin Aikido

Zen and the martial arts are not necessarily known as complementary practices. But Aikido is no ordinary martial art. Whereas traditional martial arts focus on overpowering an opponent through force, Aikido is centered on diffusing that force, and in turn using that force against an opponent. Read more


In Alignment: Zen Center and ZaZEN Create Zen and Yoga Program

An Interview with Tyler Krupp and Anna Malo
Article by Kogan Sheldon

I didn’t know, when I delivered our program flyers to the ZaZEN site on Filbert Street, that I was entering an early 20th-century stable (1906). The vintage space has been reworked over time and is now a welcoming haven for people seeking a way to be well in body and spirit. A low-key wooden sign outside says, simply, “YOGA.” Read more


Congratulations, Shuso Gib Robinson

Photos by Shundo David Haye

On June 15, the Spring Practice Period ended at City Center with a ceremony spotlighting the shuso (head student) for the period, Gib Robinson. The practice period was led by Central Abbot Myogen Steve Stücky on the theme “How to Be Dharma Companions for and with Each Other.” Read more


From Sheep to Shawl: Reirin Gumbel on Contemplative Craft at Green Gulch Farm

Article by Kogan Sheldon

In the peaceful rural setting of Green Gulch Farm, Reirin Gumbel will lead the workshop Don’t Just Sit: Knit! Knitting as Spiritual Practice (Sunday, August 11, with Emila Heller). Recently she answered some questions about spinning, another craft she teaches. Read more

Blanche on floating zendo

San Francisco Pride Parade – June 30

Sunday, June 30, 9 am – 5 pm

The San Francisco Zen Center sangha will be marching in the Pride Parade for the sixth consecutive year, manifesting the harmony of difference and equality. Read more


A Walk with Dogen: An Interview with Kaz Tanahashi and Peter Levitt on Their New “Essentials” Book

Article by Kogan Sheldon

City Center hosts two of its longtime friends, Kazuaki Tanahashi and Peter Levitt, on Friday, June 28, at 7:30 pm to present their fascinating, newly released book, The Essential Dogen: Writings of the Great Zen Master. Kaz, in the middle of a full schedule of workshops in Europe, agreed to call from Munich for a Skype conversation about the book. Peter, hard at work in the vegetable garden at his home on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia, took a break and joined us. Read more


Dedication to the Trees of Hayes Valley Farm

On May 29, several City Center residents and sangha members joined with urban farmers in a circle at Hayes Valley Farm, one block away, to bid farewell to its trees. Read more


TassNow: June 17th and beyoooonnnddd…

Space in June. That magical frontier… but much closer to home, and much sooner!

Read more