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Featured Photo: January 16

On Saturday, January 4, five initiates received the precepts in a Jukai/Initiation Ceremony with preceptors Central Abbot Ed Sattizahn, Shosan Victoria Austin, and Anshi Zachary Smith (Nancy Petrin offered the precepts to Margaret Schneider through Ed) at City Center/Beginner’s Mind Temple. Photos by Julia Sperling.

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February Art Show: Francesco Stumpo

Puentes Fronteras

February 3 – 29 in the Art Lounge at 300 Page Street, SF, 94102
Reception: Friday, February 7, 7:30 – 9 pm

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Featured Photo January 30

February in the Green Gulch Farm garden. Photo by Clare Hollander.

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Featured Photo January 9

New Year’s Day at City Center/Beginners Mind Temple. During the toasts, Abbot Tenzen David Zimmerman wished everyone a year filled with light, delight, and insight. Photo by Clare Hollander.

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Featured Photo January 2

Congratulations to Jody Greene – Shogen Enkyo / Auspicious Source, Complete Mirror, the Fall 2019 Tassajara shuso.  Photos by Tova Green and Mako Voelkel.

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January Art Show: Suiko Betsy McCall

January 1 – 31 in the Art Lounge at 300 Page Street, SF, 94102
Reception: Friday, January 3, 7 – 9 pm

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Featured Photo December 20

Congratulations to Tim O’Connor Fraser, Gyoku To I Toku / Jade Lantern Solemn Virtue, the Fall 2019 City Center shuso. The shuso ceremony, after which these photos were taken, took place on Saturday, December 7. Lorenzo Garbo was Tim’s benji/assistant during the practice period. Photos by Eli Brown-Stevenson.

Congratulations also to Green Gulch Farm Fall 2019 shuso, Tedd Brown, Seiyu Myoho / Quiet Courage, Wondrous Liberation. Below is a photo taken after the shuso ceremony on Monday, December 9. Photo by Thiemo Blank.

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Featured Photo December 12

Having received the precepts on November 17, 2019, at Green Gulch Farm from preceptor Tenshin Reb Anderson were Dennis Sarni – Se Shu Kai Kon — Life-Birth Protector / Precept Jewel; Gail Kurtz – Ko Shin Kai Shi — Luminous/Radiant Heart-Mind / Precept Poetry; Tony Head – Ya Sen Kai San — Wild Rivers / Precept Mountains; Jeremy Lane – Jitsu Fu Kai Rai — Reality Breeze / Precept Thunder; Rose Rodriquez – Ji U Kai Sho — Compassion Rain / Precept Dawn; Edward Suprenant – Shin Ryu Ho Kai — True Dragon / Liberation Precept; and Laura Cleveland – Nin Getsu Kai Gaku — Patient Moon / Precept Music/Comfort. Congratulations to all!

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Featured Photo December 5

In the summer of 2019, the photographer and artist Tasja Keetman visited the three San Francisco Zen Center locations. Her playful and creative interpretations, such as this one taken in the abbot’s garden at Tassajara, are delightful and evocative versions of these familiar locations and images.

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December Art Show: Tripp Baird


December 1 – 31 in the Art Lounge at 300 Page Street, SF, 94102
Reception: Friday, December 13, 7:30 – 9 pm

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