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Shuso Hakusho Johan Ostlund Brings the Dharma to Life

The Winter 2016 Practice Period at Tassajara came to a joyful conclusion with the Shuso Ceremony of Hakusho Johan Ostlund.

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TassNow: May Retreats Are Filling Fast

If you have been meaning to check on availability in your favorite May retreat, check now!

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TassNow: Early Birds, Sweet Spring

Early birds and the sweet spring air are bustling and rustling through lots of open space at Tassajara.

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The Littlest Bodhisattva

Tassajara monks Lauren and Kogen Dito-Keith are delighted to announce the birth of baby Calliope. Born on Saturday, March 12, at 1:11am, and named after the muse of epic poetry, Calliope Gail Dito-Keith is 7.1 lbs and 19in long, and “perfect in every way”, according to her parents – indeed, she’s “a babe in the world in five aspects complete”, as Kogen’s teacher Eijun Linda Cutts commented. Read more


‘How to Enter the Monastery’, a poem by Jisan Tova Green

“The monastery needs/ the road”, writes Zen teacher and poet Jisan Tova Green, who spent many years at Tassajara, where the fourteen-mile entry road discourages all but the most determined of visitors. Read more


Design the 2016 No Race T-Shirt

It’s the 39th annual Tassajara No Race, and we’re looking for a design to put on this year’s T-shirt. Send us your drawing, and if it’s chosen, it will be unveiled to great acclaim on the day of the No Race.

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TassNow: Looking forward to the Summer Guest Season, friends!

Keep your eyes open for midweek availability (it is abundant) and avoid the busiest times (all of July, and popular retreats) to get the best chance at your first choice. See you soon!


Love is Vast and Wide: Gratitude and Generosity

Artist Susan Spencer tells the intimate story of her 20 years of practice, how she met her late teacher Darlene Cohen, and why she has decided to make a gift to SFZC in her will.

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Congratulations, Fall 2015 Tassajara Shuso

The fall 2015 practice period at Tassajara saw Djinn Gallagher running the wake-up bell at 3:45 every morning as shuso (head monk). The Shuso Ceremony (also called Hossenshiki, which translates as “dharma combat”) on December 18 was the culmination of her three months of monastic training, and launches her into the next stage of her practice as a teacher.

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Group of students at Tassajara in the fall 1967, with Suzuki Roshi (center) and Kobun Chino Roshi (behind). If you were there too, can you spot Dot? (Photo by Minoru Aoki.)

Memoir from the Early Days

From SFZC member Dot Kostriken

Dr. Dorothy Kostriken, a longtime member of San Francisco Zen Center, shares some memories about some of the earliest days at Tassajara in 1967, practicing with Suzuki Roshi, and how these days, at age 81, she is relating to Zen practice and to SFZC. The first practice period at Tassajara was held in 1967, and tangaryo would take place more often than it does now, for anyone interested in joining the students for any extended time. Tangaryo, a kind of traditional sitting initiation at a monastery, would last from one to three days at Tassajara during that time.
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