May 5, 2021
Receiving the Precepts in the Spring

Jukai group

On Wednesday, April 21, in a ceremony at Green Dragon Temple/Green Gulch Farm, three initiates received the precepts and Dharma names from Tenshin Reb Anderson. Drew Schaffer was given the name Hi Ryu Zen Ho/Compassion Dragon, Complete Liberation; Sam Ridge was given the name Ho Ko Myo Chi/Dharma Light, Wondrous Wisdom; and Julian Minuzzo was given the name San Rai Shin Ki/Mountain Thunder, True Refuge. This is the second jukai initiation ceremony since the Covid-19 restrictions were put into place. The earlier ceremony was held outdoors and required social distancing and wearing masks; this one was also outdoors, but distancing and masks were not necessary. Congratulations to the initiates!

Jukai ceremony Jukai ceremony

Photos by Stephanie Blank.