June 17, 2016
End and Beginning Stitched Together: A Poem for Blanche

Blanche in the sewing room, 2013. Photo: Juan Angel

End and Beginning Stitched Together

Alone, in the City Center sewing room
Sitting on a high stool seeking natural light
Blanche and I
I draw my last stitch of teal silk thread
I cry
relief at completion
grief at completion.
Threads cannot be separated–
all friends have lent a stitch.
Incense rose.
Three times we circle the fragile cloth–
the final dance
between teacher and student.
Each precept a piercing of a needle of truth
drawing together
threads of intention, motivation, action.
Nothing is ever lost, or wasted.
Blanche, here for me. Tears of gratitude.

Beclee Wilson    Ren Getsu Kei Do


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  1. Caitlin Adair

    beautiful poem, beautiful life. grace.

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