June 16, 2016
Zenkei Blanche Hartman’s Funeral: Video

Ceremonial Procession

  • Inkin: Myoju Erin Merk
  • Ashes: Sojun Mel Weitsman
  • Portrait: Seiren Barbara Kohn
  • Memorial Plaque (Ihai): Kosho McCall
  • Staff: Tony Patchell
  • Robe: Ryumon Baldoquin
  • Sammotsu: Jana Drakka
  • Bowls: Myozen Joan Amaral
  • Whisk: Keiryu Liên Shutt
  • Seeds for a Boundless Life: Zenju Earthlyn Manuel
  • Personal item (Pincushion): Renshin Bunce
  • Doshi: Eijun Linda Cutts
  • Doshi: Rinso Ed Sattizahn
  • Jisha: Kyoshin Wendy Lewis
  • Inkin: Tim Kroll


The Names of Buddha
Vairochana Buddha, pure Dharmakaya
Lochana Buddha, complete Sambhogakaya
Shakyamuni Buddha, myriad Nirmanakaya
Maitreya Buddha, of future birth
All buddhas throughout space and time
Lotus of the Wondrous Dharma, Mahayana Sutra
Manjushri Bodhisattva, great wisdom
Samantabhadra Bodhisattva, great activity
Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva, great compassion
All honored ones, bodhisattva-mahasattvas
Wisdom beyond wisdom, Maha-prajñaparamita

Harmony of Difference and Equality
The mind of the great sage of India is intimately transmitted from west to east.
While human faculties are sharp or dull, the way has no northern or southern ancestors.
The spiritual source shines clear in the light; the branching streams flow on in the dark.
Grasping at things is surely delusion; according with sameness is still not enlightenment.
All the objects of the senses interact and yet do not.
Interacting brings involvement. Otherwise, each keeps its place.
Sights vary in quality and form, sounds differ as pleasing or harsh.
Refined and common speech come together in the dark, clear and murky phrases are distinguished in the light.
The four elements return to their natures just as a child turns to its mother;
Fire heats, wind moves, water wets, earth is solid.
Eye and sights, ear and sounds, nose and smells, tongue and tastes;
Thus with each and every thing, depending on these roots, the leaves spread forth.
Trunk and branches share the essence; revered and common, each has its speech.
In the light there is darkness, but don’t take it as darkness;
In the dark there is light, but don’t see it as light.
Light and dark oppose one another like the front and back foot in walking.
Each of the myriad things has its merit, expressed according to function and place.
Phenomena exist; box and lid fit. Principle responds; arrow points meet.
Hearing the words, understand the meaning; don’t set up standards of your own.
If you don’t understand the way right before you, how will you know the path as you walk?
Progress is not a matter of far or near, but if you are confused, mountains and rivers block your way.
I respectfully urge you who study the mystery, do not pass your days and nights in vain.

Dai Hi Shin Dharani
Namu kara tan no tora ya ya namu ori ya boryo ki chi shifu ra ya fuji sato bo ya moko sato bo ya mo ko kya runi kya ya en sa hara ha ei shu tan no ton sha namu shiki ri toi mo ori ya boryo ki chi shifu ra rin to bo na mu no ra kin ji ki ri mo ko ho do sha mi sa bo o to jo shu ben o shu in sa bo sa to no mo bo gya mo ha te cho to ji to en o bo ryo ki ru gya chi kya rya chi i kiri mo ko fuji sa to sa bo sa bo mo ra mo ra mo ki mo ki ri to in ku ryo ku ryo ke mo to ryo to ryo ho ja ya chi mo ko ho ja ya chi to ra to ra chiri ni shifu ra ya sha ro sha ro mo mo ha mo ra ho chi ri yuki yuki shi no shi no ora san fura sha ri ha za ha za fura sha ya ku ryo ku ryo mo ra ku ryo ku ryo ki ri sha ro sha ro shi ri shi ri su ryo su ryo fuji ya fuji ya fudo ya fudo ya mi chiri ya nora kin ji chiri shuni no hoya mono somo ko shido ya somo ko moko shido ya somo ko shido yu ki shifu ra ya somo ko nora kin ji somo ko mo ra no ra somo ko shira su omo gya ya somo ko sobo moko shido ya somo ko shaki ra oshi do ya somo ko hodo mogya shido ya somo ko nora kin ji ha gyara ya somo ko mo hori shin gyara ya somo ko namu kara tan no tora ya ya namu ori ya boryo ki chi shifu ra ya somo ko shite do modo ra hodo ya so mo ko


  1. Daughter Trudy Hartman
  2. Daughter Mitzi Levine
  3. Granddaughter Rebecca Huenink
  4. Son Joe Hartman, singing This Little Light of Mine
  5. Statement by Hoitsu Suzuki, Abbot of Rinso-in, read by Kiku Christina Lehnherr
  6. Statement by Taiho Fukuyama, Head Priest of Sotoshu, and Ryubon Kamada, President of Sotoshu, read by Rev. Gengo Akiba, Bishop of Japanese Soto Zen in North America
  7. Ryushin Paul Haller
  8. Shosan Victoria Austin, reading When Death Comes, by Mary Oliver
  9. Zenki Mary Mocine, reading To Be of Use, by Marge Piercy
  10. Daigan Gaither, reading Gone to the Unseen, by Rumi
  11. Tim Wicks, reading And She Sewed, by Patsy Creedy


Ushers: Jordan Thorn, Rita Cummings, Arlene Lueck, Siobhan Cassidy, Thomas Ingalls
Doan: Michael McCord
Fukudo/Shoten: Paula Pietranera
Ino/Kokyo: Caitlin Burnham
Jiko #1: Judith Randall
Jiko #2: Lucy Xiao
Big Drum: Eli Stevenson-Brown
Instrument players: 1) Erin Merk (Inkin 1), 2) Tim Kroll (Inkin 2),  3) Djinn Gallagher (Drum), 4) Eli Stevenson-Brown (Drum), 5) David Zimmerman (Cymbal), 6) Allison Tait (Cymbal)


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