July 1, 2015
PHOTO: From Gyokuden Stephanie Blank

Jan 2012 – Myogen Steve Stuckey, Linda Ruth Cutts, Paul Haller, Zenkei, Norman Fisher

When I was a guest cook at Tassajara in 2007 we would ask for student volunteers at work circle to help us “serve up” the guest dinner. Sometimes it was hard to get help because this would be an extra hour of work  at the end of the day, and students were tired. On one occasion I asked for help… and there was no response. “Please…we really need your help,” I pleaded. Blanche, who was there for the week to help students with robe sewing, leaned forward. “I’ll help,” she said, her eyebrows pressed and her voice taking a tone that conveyed, “Hey, don’t worry… of course I’ll help.” When it came time to serve up the guest meal, we had more help than we needed. Blanche’s example had given energy to a handful of student volunteers.

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