June 13, 2015
Hello and Welcome
Blanche and Daigan

Daigan and Blanche sometime in 2010 taken by Dana Velden

Let me welcome you to this space dedicated to our friend and teacher, Zenkei Blanche Hartman.  I am Daigan Gaither, a friend of Blanche’s and her family, a resident priest at Zen Center and I am very grateful to get to serve Blanche in this way.  Both  Shosan Victoria Austin and I are responsible for the news you see here.  We will be posting updates as things change, as well as photos, and stories that you have already sent or will send. (Please do send photos and stories, etc.)

You can also leave comments here and I will share those with Blanche.  She continues to read your cards and emails and expresses her deepest gratitude for the love and support.

You can continue to send emails to me and or cards to:

Blanche Hartman
300 Page St
San Francisco, CA 94102


  1. Colleen

    Dear Blanch,
    Ray and I wish you well in this trying time.
    Love and gratitude,

  2. Krista

    What a beautiful page. Thank you Daigan and Vicky for this.
    Sending you warmest wishes Blanch – your continuous, firm, steady, “nothing special” practice has been an inspiration for me throughout my time at Zen Center. Thank you.
    Deep bows of gratitude.

  3. Steve

    Sending boundless love and practice dedications from the East Coast, having been fortunate enough to encounter, and been touched by, Blanche’s wise and heartfelt teachings online at sfzc.org!

  4. Ansgar Holmberg

    How I would have loved to have met you, Blanche.
    We will do that in the Eternal.
    Blessings on your journey.

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