June 13, 2015
From Hilda Ramos

Blanche New Years Eve 2014 (by Hilda Ramos)

I took this at the City Center New Years eve/ day fire in 2014.  Blanche stayed up all night, we were burning tenken reports.  And it’s even more special because it was the day after Steve Stucky had died.  At least I was on an airplane coming back from Texas when I read the news on his blog and I cried on the plane.  Then I got to City Center and we were ringing the Densho for him and then had this wonderful New Years fire. I stayed up part of the night and took this picture but Blanche stayed up way past the time I went to bed. – Hilda Ramos City Center resident


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  1. Don Brewer

    Precious. Thank-you, Hilda. Such a beautiful image – that is Blanche;
    staying up, looking after, abiding the fire… abiding the fire of our practice

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