June 12, 2015
Update 6/10/15

Hello Friends

It seems odd to say that there is nothing new to report, and yet there is nothing new to report.  Blanche is very much conscious, quiet, and has very little energy.  What energy she has is going towards investigating her current circumstance and her experience.  She continues to read your cards and emails and is grateful for the love and support.  Please continue to chant. You can also send emails to me here or cards to Blanche at City Center (Blanche Hartman 300 Page ST, SF, CA 94102).

I will be sure she gets them.

Blanche continues to feel supported by her family, friends, and Zen Center.  She continues to feel safe, comfortable and is not in any pain.

In other news:

A long time student and friend Zenju Earthlyn Manuel has edited together some of Blanche’s teachings and worked with Shambala to publish them in a book form.  You can sign up for email notification at THIS LINK.  Amazon will notify you when you can order it.

This has been in the works for awhile and Zenju has worked diligently to try and get it released as fast as possible due to Blanche’s current condition.

Thank you Zenju

With Deep Bows
And Great Gratitude

Daigan Gaither


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