March 18, 2015
Green Gulch Farm Projects Completed

Thank you for supporting these projects, from the SFZC Development Office

(See slide show below.)

(See slide show below.)

As reported in January, the various improvement projects at Green Gulch Farm were by that time nearing an end, and now we are very pleased to confirm their completion along with the fund-raising, which met financial targets.

The renovation of Cloud Hall is complete—upstairs and downstairs, inside and out! Student rooms and staff offices are dry, warm, insulated, properly wired and well-lit with new windows that conform to fire safety codes. Still Water Hall is also finished. This new space gives us a beautiful classroom and program space on the bottom floor, as well as light and airy new student housing above.

In tandem with the building renovations, the major phase of creek rerouting and restoration has been completed, restoring riparian habitat, widening the floodplain and providing a refuge for many species. Green Gulch Creek has been flowing in the new streambed since late last year, and on Arbor Day last month hundreds of native plants were planted along its banks. Two five-inch fish and a school of 10 to 12 fish (one to two inches) have already been spotted in the creek’s meander!

Thank you to everyone who supported these projects—from making donations, to buying raffle tickets, to participating in Arbor Days, watershed work parties and creek walks—you have all helped create safer and more energy-efficient student housing, a beautiful new space for programs and additional housing, as well as a refuge for coho salmon and other species to flourish.

Though there is still some landscape work being completed, Green Gulch visitors, residents and staff have been enjoying full use of these spaces, as reported earlier. We invite you to visit Green Gulch Farm to see Cloud Hall, Still Water Hall and the creek in their new forms. Consider coming out for a Sunday dharma talk, an overnight in the guest house or maybe a workshop.*

In the meantime, please enjoy this slide show highlighting some finished results of the transformation work on Green Gulch buildings. Hope to see you at Green Gulch soon.

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*By the way, Highway 1 near Green Gulch, which was blocked off during a period of roadwork earlier this year, is open again.

Photos by Sara Tashker, Layla Smith Bockhorst, and Shundo David Haye.