December 9, 2014
Call for Applications: New Vice President Position

The San Francisco Zen Center Board is seeking to fill a position with new responsibilities, vice president for operations—someone who would act as a senior manager for administrative matters and report directly to the president of Zen Center. We anticipate that the position will commence in the first quarter of 2015.

The primary job requirement is a strong Zen practice and significant experience with residential life. This would be a stipend position at Zen Center that also includes board and housing, health insurance, and free access to the classes, retreats and teachers of Zen Center; further arrangements may be possible.

This position would involve coordinating information and decision-making among the IT department, Tassajara Zen Mountain Center reservations department, temple directors and other senior administrative staff. Knowledge and experience with facilities management, budgeting and personnel management are essential.

Coming just as we near the end of a highly successful capital campaign, the job will be at the heart of the evolving leadership of Zen Center, one of the primary training institutions of Zen in America (for more information, see The position will carry considerable responsibility and an even greater opportunity to assist Zen Center’s mission of sharing the dharma; energy and enthusiasm for that goal are a must!

Please send letters of inquiry by January 15 to