October 7, 2014
Flowering the Altars: Volunteers Needed

City Center is looking for volunteers to help create flower arrangements for the temple.

Dawna_flowers_x600Flowers, together with light, incense, food and sweet tea, are traditional offerings on Buddhist altars. Volunteers will learn arrangement forms with Dawna Foreman, who leads the crew, and other volunteers who are studying the ancient Japanese art of flower arranging known as Ikebana.

We are looking for volunteers who can commit to Tuesday mornings from nine to noon, once a week.  If you are interested or have further questions, please contact Dawna at
wingedthing 2013@gmail.com.

(You can also read more about flower chidening in this Sangha News article: Flower Chidens Are Flourishing: The Joy of One Sustainable Stem at a Time.)