December 18, 2013
Accepting with Gratitude: Central Abbot Myogen Steve Stücky Formally Steps Down

Photo: Renshin Bunce

My death asks so much of you. Please accept this as a teaching for yourself and for our Sangha. Accept with gratitude. —Myogen Steve Stücky

In a modified ceremony on Sunday, December 15, Abbot Steve Stücky formally stepped down from his position as central abbot of San Francisco Zen Center. …

See full article with transcript of the ceremony and photos on the Sangha News blog.



  1. Iva`

    Thank you Steve for this beautiful ceremony and your beautiful life. Always I notice at last, you practiced your devotion to what you know to be your duty with the fullness of a completely loving heart. I am grateful . And I love you.


  2. John Renwick

    Sun through the window, noodles on the stove. Dog behind me is silent for now.

  3. Kearsley Higgins

    Steve, I live in your old house on Bayview St. I heard from a neighbor about your health and I did a little searching on the internet and was truly moved by how you have chosen to live your life. I listened to your talk about Gratitude and it was beautiful, poignant, and made me think about my own life. I’ve dabbled in Zen in the past, and your talk made me want to start bringing it back into my life. I just wanted to let you know that you have enriched my life even though we have never met. I’m also grateful for all that you created on this property. It is a lovely home and I’m glad to know that you were here before us. Wishing you comfort and peace.

  4. Jack and Dahlia Kamesar

    Dear Steve, on the Solstice,
    we will carry you in our hearts on Mt Tam
    as we light the lanterns through the forest
    and sit for the Sun to rise.
    we will ring the bells
    and hear your resounding breath on the horn
    with deep gratitude
    and friendship that sustains us
    on and on
    Jack & Dahlia

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