October 11, 2013
October 11 Update

Dear Friends,

Abbot Steve had his first chemotherapy treatment today at Kaiser in Santa Rosa. It consisted of two different chemicals, the combination of which does not usually cause nausea in the recipients. So far so good. The session went well and he is resting at home in Rohnert Park.

This is the beginning of a three-week cycle of treatments following a confirmed diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. During this period of time his immunity will be greatly compromised and visitors will be asked to take precautions.

Abbot Steve will be looking forward to visiting with family and friends next week but asks that you contact Mary Stares to make arrangements.


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  1. Amanda Kairys

    Dear Steve,

    I am happy you are able to rest today.
    I love you.
    I am with you.
    Thank you for your practice of gratitude at this time.
    I feel your deep heart and song.
    I am grateful to have received your offerings of Dharma through your talks at Green Gulch Farm.

    I am thankful for this place of Subtle Eye to stay close with you daily.

    with with prayer of wellness that is the wellness of all beings,

    thank you,

    Amanda Kairys

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