Memorial Verse

Photo of the Buddha Statue on the dining room shrine at CIty Center

Buddha from the Dining Room Altar at City Center. Photo by Bill Baker.

For our great, abiding friend
. . .
Who is passing from this world to the next.
S/he is taking a great leap.
The light of this world has faded for h/er.
S/he has entered solitude with h/er karmic forces.
S/he has gone into a vast Silence.
S/he is borne away by the Great Ocean of birth and death;

May s/he, together with all beings, realize the end of suffering,

And the complete unfolding of Buddha’s Way.

From the traditional Soto Zen Transition Memorial Service, a special well-being ceremony performed soon after a person dies.

Pub date: 2011-01-22 04:47:43