March 25, 2024
Green Gulch Farm Retreats 2024

Photo by Travis Stansel.

San Francisco Zen Center is pleased to present an inspiring array of retreats at Green Gulch Farm, meant to integrate Zen-inspired practices into our daily lives.

These retreats are geared towards guests who value the opportunity to practice in our beautiful coastal valley in Marin County, under the guidance of well-established teachers. Retreats range from simple hikes that energize our senses to the cultivation of presence through writing practices; from honoring the wisdom of those who came before us to body-mind practices meant to encourage harmony within.

Below please find the events offered at Green Gulch Farm between April and November 2024. To request a reservation click on the retreat name.

April 21
Giving Life to Life: The Art of Spring Health
with Gendo Lucy Xiao (玄道)

May 26
Writing and Mindfulness: Cultivating a Daily Practice 
with Josan Janis Cooke Newman and Chikudo Catherine Spaeth

May 30-June 1
The Wonder of Bird Song: Observation Walks
with Zac Denning and Sukey Parmelee

June 8
A Ceremony for Those Who Have Died
with Hoka Chris Fortin and Jennifer Block

June 12-16
The Practice of Now in Zen and Yoga
with Shokuchi Deirdre Carrigan and Ingen Breen

June 27-30
Like a Tiger Taking to the Mountains: A Zen and Hiking Retreat
with Shundo David Haye

July 5-7
A Qigong Healing Retreat for Abdominal Health
with Liping Zhu

July 25-28
Mountains, Rivers, and the Great Earth: Nature Koans from The Hidden Lamp
with Zenshin Florence Caplow and Susan Moon

September 26-29
Finding Ease: A Zen and Mindfulness Approach to Anxiety
with Jisho Lisa Beth Hoffman and Paul Irving

October 3-6
True Body, True Self: Radical Presence Through Zen and Yoga
with Christy Brown and Ango Sara Tashker

November 1-3
Step Into Your Life: A Zen Inspired Retreat
with Marc Lesser