April 6, 2023
Congratulations to City Center Winter 2023 Shuso
Dan Gudgel and Paul Haller

Shuso Dan Gudgel and Ryushin Paul Haller. Photo by Shundo David Haye.

On April 1 at City Center, the shuso ceremony was held to end the Winter Practice Period led by Ryushin Paul Haller. Congratulations to shuso Dan Gudgel, Doshin Sanshi / Heart of the Way, Mountain Stillness.

River Shannon, Dan Gudgel, Paul Haller, Catherine Spaeth

Shuso’s benji River Shannon, shuso Dan Gudgel, Ryushin Paul Haller, Chikudo Catherine Spaeth. Photo by Shundo David Haye.


Group shot

Practice period participants and former shusos. Photo by Shundo David Haye.