February 13, 2023
Remembering Jakujo Gary McNabb

Gary McNabb – Jakujo Gando / Complete Silence, Cliff Way
November 22, 1943 – February 9, 2022

Gary McNabb was ordained by Richard Baker on January 10, 1982, was shuso/head student with Tenshin Reb Anderson at Green Gulch Farm in 1989, and received Dharma Transmission from Tenshin Reb Anderson in 1998. He was the founding teacher and later the Abbot of the Jewel Mirror Zendo in Eugene, Oregon.

Born in Seattle and raised in Eugene, Oregon, Gary McNabb was a Zen practitioner, yoga teacher, and gardener in the 1970s. He later had a long career as a licensed clinical social worker.

So On Jim Hare, guiding teacher of Valley Stream Zen Center in Sacramento CA, met Gary McNabb in the 1970s after Jim moved to Eugene. Gary introduced Jim to Zen practice. Here is a link to a Dharma talk Jim gave honoring Gary McNabb soon after Gary’s death.

Tenshin Reb Anderson officiated at a memorial ceremony for Gary at Green Gulch Farm and a portion of Gary’s ashes remain there at a place of reverence for lineage holders.

There is a photo of Gary McNabb in his obituary.

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  1. James Goodwin

    I cannot thank him enough, for his patience, love and depth of sincerity, that he so freely shared.

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