November 28, 2022
Invitation for New Members of CAIC (Cultural Awareness and Inclusivity Committee)
Eli Brown-Stevenson

Eli Brown-Stevenson

A message from Eli Brown-Stevenson, San Francisco Zen Center’s Director of Diversity and Belonging

The Cultural Awareness and Inclusivity Committee (CAIC) evolved from a diversity committee that formed over twenty years ago at SFZC’s City Center. CAIC primarily organized Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) trainings to heighten awareness around race, gender, sexual orientation, and disability issues.

In 2015, in response to a DEIA consultation, SFZC formed an internal leadership group to address the need for ongoing training to support structural change regarding DEIA issues.

CAIC continued to meet as a primarily non-residential group. Their contributions include hosting listening sessions for practitioners from underrepresented groups, and providing reflections and feedback. CAIC also provided valuable suggestions to SF Zen Center leadership regarding public statements addressing DEIA issues. In its current form CAIC is an all-volunteer group that supports the Central DEIA Committee in an advisory capacity and is a vital part of SFZC’s DEIA vision.

CAIC is offering this invitation to learn more or join the committee:

We at CAIC, which stands for Cultural Awareness and Inclusivity Committee, are inviting new members to join us in our once-a-month meetings (held over Zoom), where we discuss how we can support and advocate for more diversity and inclusivity at the SF Zen Center. We are an all-volunteer run group. We are Sangha members who believe that our sitting practice and social justice work are deeply intertwined. We would welcome your energy, ideas and participation. If you would like to hear more or if you would like to join CAIC, please email us at