August 30, 2022
City Center Opens for Public Ceremonies
City Center altar

City Center Buddha Hall Altar. Photo by Bill Baker.

In addition to opening for drop-in morning and evening Zazen, and Wednesday and Saturday Dharma talks, City Center is pleased to welcome people to several ceremonies that are now open for in-person attendance. Also listed are interims which are times when the schedule for the residents is optional, and the zendo is open based on volunteers.

After being closed for over two years, we look forward to welcoming the sangha back into the 300 Page Street building. Covid protocols apply; see the Health and Safety section on each page, which is also listed at the top of the Daily Schedule at City Center page.

September 10, Full Moon Ceremony

September 22, Fall Equinox Ceremony

September 28, Eihei Dogen & Keizan Jokin Memorial

October 5, Bodhidharma Memorial

October 8, Full Moon Ceremony

November 8, Full Moon Ceremony

December 12 – 14, Interim

December 21, Winter Solstice Ceremony

December 24 – 31, Interim