August 5, 2022
Jukai Ceremony on Mt. Tamalpais

Group after ceremony

On August 2, Emila Heller – Gyokuzan Chorin / Jewel Mountain Cavern Peak, Companion Constant, SFZC resident for close to 50 years, gave the precepts in Kobun Chino’s lineage and the women’s ancestry to Katy Garrahan – Kisan Jushin / Noble Mountain, Soft Flexible Mind and Jordan Gardner – Myosen Kyoji / Luminous River, Cultivate Compassion. In a traditional ceremony, Katy and Jordan received the precepts surrounded by mountains, ocean, and the good earth among their parents and sangha friends. It was a beautiful day high atop Mount Tamalpais, sunny and warm with a soft breeze blowing, wisps of coastal fog far, far below. Congratulations Katy and Jordan.

Ceremony on Mt Tam