June 28, 2022
Upcoming Abbatial Transitions

David Zimmerman, Jiryu Rutschman-Byler, Mako Voelkel

Dear Beloved Sangha,

I am very happy to announce changes coming up in March 2023 in the Abbatial Leadership at San Francisco Zen Center. Upon recommendation of the Elders Council, the SFZC Board has invited Doshin Mako Voelkel to become the next Abiding Abbot of City Center and Jiryu Rutschman-Byler the next Abiding Abbot of Green Gulch Farm. We are grateful that they have accepted these important positions.

Tenzen David Zimmerman, the current City Center Abiding Abbot, having served four years in that position, will be appointed the next Central Abbot.

Furyu Nancy Schroeder, Abiding Abbess of Green Gulch Farm, will step down after serving nine years and I, Rinso Ed Sattizahn, having served as Abbot and Central Abbot since 2014, will also step down.

In the coming months, Sangha News Journal will run a series of interviews with our new abbots-elect on how they view their roles and challenges ahead, as well as interviews with the departing abbots on their time at SFZC and their thoughts on this important generational change.

The Mountain Seat ceremonies will be held in mid-March 2023. More information will be available in Sangha News closer to this event. The wider sangha will be able to participate via livestream and will be an important part of welcoming this new generation of SFZC’s leadership.

I am very encouraged by this transition to the next generation of abbatial leadership. Fu and I look forward to supporting them in our positions as Senior Dharma Teachers.

Rinso Ed Sattizahn
Central Abbot
San Francisco Zen Center