January 27, 2022
Jukai Ceremony at City Center
Jukai participants

From left to right: James Buel and his daughter Nevaeh, Zachary Smith, Akiyli Tiger, Tova Green, Brenda Proudfoot, Jonathan Riley, Lauren Dankiewicz, Susan Rosenblum, Sarada Spivey, Wendy Lewis (masks were worn for the ceremony then removed for the photo). Photo by Myles Cowherd.

In a jukai (lay initiation) ceremony at City Center on January 22, seven initiates received the precepts. Congratulations to all!

This was the first jukai ceremony at City Center since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 and a joyful event for participants and guests.

From Kyoshin Wendy Lewis
Sarada Spivey – Juchi Shoraku / Supple Wisdom, Luminous Joy

From Jisan Tova Green
Susan Rosenblum – Sen Ji Wa Do, River of Compassion / Peaceful Path
Jonathan Riley – Ji Yu Hei Kyo, Compassionate Friend / Calm Abiding
Akiyli Tiger – An Zan Sei Sho, Steady Mountain / Genuine/open-hearted Voice
Brenda Proudfoot – Cho Ku Sho Ko, Listening Tiger / Singing Lake

From Anshi Zachary Smith
Lauren Dankiewicz – Myo Zan An Kyo / Inconceivable Mountain, Peaceful Abiding
James Buel – Kin Shu Myo Mon / Diligent Practice, Miraculous Gate

More photos by Myles Cowherd.

Sarada and Wendy

Sarada and Wendy

Tova and initiates

Tova with Jonathan, Susan, Brenda, and Akiyli

Zach and initiates

Zach with James and Lauren