July 27, 2020
A New President is Announced for SFZC

The SFZC Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Sozan Diego Miglioli as the next President of SFZC, beginning in 2021.

From Helen Degenhardt, SFZC Board Chair: “I’ve had the pleasure of working with Diego for the last year and a half. I admire his ability to think strategically, present ideas and concepts clearly, and listen to feedback.

“In one of our early conversations Diego made a comment that, in my view, wonderfully describes how he sees his work at Zen Center. When asked how he sees his role as Vice President, he replied: “I’m a Zen Student who happens to be a Vice President. ” I’m looking forward to our collaboration and am grateful he accepted the position.”

Diego will be taking over for Shinchi Linda Galijan who will be stepping down in January, 2021.