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September 24, 2019

Featured Photo September 26

Congratulations to three newly ordained priests! On Saturday, September 14, Dillon Balmaceda, Myles Cowherd, and Eli Brown-Stevenson received priest ordination in a ceremony at Beginner’s Mind Temple. Photos by Elliot Charney.

From left, the ordinands and preceptors: Dillon Balmaceda – Zenshin Kakudo / Zen Heart, Awakening Way; Ryushin Paul Haller; Myles Cowherd – Korin Myogaku / Ancient Forest, Wonderous Awakening; Eli Brown-Stevenson – Soan Genkan / Ancestor Warmth, Completely Present; and Rinso Ed Sattizahn.

Dillon and Myles received ordination from Ryushin Paul Haller and Eli from Rinso Ed Sattizahn.

Dillon Balmaceda and Ryushin Paul Haller

Nancy Petrin and Myles Cowherd

The Brown-Stevenson family: Maya, Eli, and Cat